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Information for competition participants

The lists of contestants for the 6th International Weaving Competition for the Festival Grand Prix – Poznań 2023 have been announced. You can find more information on the page for competition participants.

We want to create the largest Wicker and Weaving Festival!

The World Wicker and Weaving Festival is undoubtedly the largest and one of the most important meetings of weavers and their supporters in the world. The 5th Jubilee Festival moves from Nowy Tomyśl to Poznań, the city of the Poznań International Fair, the capital of the modern region – Wielkopolska, where Nowy Tomyśl, the host of previous editions, is also located.

5th edition of festival will be held at Poznań International Fair

Thanks to the cooperation with Poznan International Fair we can organize the biggest so far Festival of Wicker and Weaving. It will be held in halls 2, 3, 3A, 7, 7A, 8, 8A and 11, as well as between the halls.

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Representatives from many countries are already taking part in the event!

On an ongoing basis, we will mark in green on the world map the countries from which the registered representatives come. In the near future, the number of marked countries will grow, so we encourage you to follow us!

5th Season

We gave this title to the newest event. The 5th World Wicker and Weaving Festival will be a well-designed – “ five star” event. We hope, bordering on certainty, that it will be the best edition ever organized.

New challenges, a lot of attractions for weavers and visitors, spectacular shows, extraordinary people, innovative ideas, tangible benefits – all this will be waiting for you in Poznań, which will become the world capital of weaving for a few days.

Andrzej Pawlak
Commissioner of the Festival

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